Gotta love the minimalist interface and the way the ‘levels’ are all always present – it’s the camera’s focus that foregrounds or backgrounds.  I also like the way they tied in the title sequence to this.

The concept and motion physics is also quite good.  Unfortunately, I have a very limited attention span these days for puzzle games which rely solely on keyboard dexterity for success.  The difficulty also ramps up a lot, very quickly, making anything beyond about level 3-5 questionable in keeping my attention.


Not for me.

Passive gaming.  Start the window and watch it run.  The so called whimsical delights that other gamers keep raving about jarred me with their decontextualisation.  How did they get there across space?  What logarithm governs their appearance?  Someone wrote a review which posited the random crap pummelling your mountain out of existence was a metaphor for what people are doing to the earth now. Come on.

I would have enjoyed it more if it followed a randomised evolutionary cycle — start with a rock, a comet of ice shatters on it and creates water/atmosphere.  Algae grow.  Is it a water world, is it an alpine world, does it evolve dinosaurs which never die out, does every organism have a trigger point somewhere in their evolutionary cycle for the development of sapience and civilisation, so the game is really about hoping a randomised comet doesn’t kill off the evolving animals before interesting things really start to happen.  Can ALIENS land and colonise.  And so on.

I was attracted by the concept of just watching a mountain experience events, but I wanted a different game.