In the vein of Amarita Studio’s Botanicula and Machinarium.  By comparison, Morphopolis suffered from a much less intuitive interface.  When I get stuck, not on the puzzle itself, but on working out how to exit from the puzzle screen, there are interface issues.

The art style is lovely and music appealing, but the interface is just overwhelmingly annoying for an experience which is supposed to be immersive.  The background is much less interactive than Botanicula’s whimsy.


Gotta love the minimalist interface and the way the ‘levels’ are all always present – it’s the camera’s focus that foregrounds or backgrounds.  I also like the way they tied in the title sequence to this.

The concept and motion physics is also quite good.  Unfortunately, I have a very limited attention span these days for puzzle games which rely solely on keyboard dexterity for success.  The difficulty also ramps up a lot, very quickly, making anything beyond about level 3-5 questionable in keeping my attention.

Papers, Please

This game is like being at work, every day, and I despise it.

Unless you’re on easy mode, you have to make constant sacrifices.  Corruption and bribery starts to look good because it’s the only real way to get ahead.  And still the endless grind, grind, grind…

It is an exceptionally good and original game.  I can see how people love it so much.  But someone like me (useless at roleplay) can’t play it.  I can’t take a bribe.  I can’t detach from the familiarity of a working day long enough to make myself take a bribe.  It’s terrible.  This game is the opposite of escapism.  This is the horror of the mundane.  It is locks me back in that box of daily fear of poverty and struggle and constantly being subject to greater powers with no moral way to get ahead, and the pressure of surrounding people always trying to make me take the unethical route.

All I do in this game is play it straight and get punished for it.  I am hopeless.  Kudos to the maker, Lucas Pope, for something so evocative: other works here.